Raffle Results

Congratulations to the winners of this year’s CAMRA raffle. We would like to thank everyone who entered for their support. 
2013 Winners:

1st Peter Dixon

2nd Mr Crook
3rd Jeff Floyd 
4th Ernie Print 
5th Jeremy D’Lemos 
6th Anthony Addey 
7th Kairen Barnes
8th Christopher Dickson
9th L Bowden 
10th Mark Allen 
11th Mr B Thompson 
12th John Watson 
13th James Quinn 
14th George Massey 
15th William (Bill) Piers 
16th Steve Williams
17th John Holland
18th P Burchill 
19th John Whitley
20th Andrew Rist
21st John Sharp
22nd T.Newins
23rd Bill Mckellar